ARTISAN - As a maker looking for new projects to transform. Craftsmanship was my father’s legacy which he passed down onto me. My approach to reupholstering my furniture is very similar to the skills I learned as a child under my father’s instructions. “If there’s a will, there’s a way”, that was my father’s and I very much live by it. Every project is possible. Each piece can be revitalized and transformed; the possibilities are endless.

DESIGNER - Upholstery is only one of the many ways my upholstery skills shine. I also make custom leather products that have only helped me grow my creativity and skill in my upholstery work. I apply the same level of detail and care regardless of the project.

PERFECTIONIST - I treat every piece of furniture as if it were my own. I strive for customer satisfaction and excellence in service. I want each piece to be appreciated the minute it leave my garage, like a piece of art. 
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